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Systems[edit | edit source]

Systems are passive modules that the player can install into their ship to boost various aspects. They, like the the players ship and weapons, are upgradeable and scale up in therms of their use, lower cool-down and higher speeds. there exist currently 9 systems a player can use, and 4 (like weapons) can be equipped at any time. All the systems can be upgraded to 5 level. To unlock these you need also have the corresponding corporation buildings.

  • Salvage module

Adds extra mining drone(s) and cargo space.

  • Neuranium hull plating

More hull points.

  • Enhanced shield generator

Adds shield points and decreases the time they take to recharge after taking damage.

  • Tryonic engine

Increase speed and mobility equally while flying normally.

  • Quantum NLS drive

Increases travel speed.

  • Nano repair module

Adds slow auto repair to hull.

  • Weapon power Array

Increases power generation and decreases the cool down of weapons equally.

  • Fleet command module

Adds (a limited amount of) command points for fleet use without the need for hangars.

  • Point defence module

Adds a auto-canon that will shoot down incoming and nearby missiles and torpedos.

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