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Inside the game there are various ships with 2 main categories: the player controlled command ship and fleet ships.

The player's ship they start with is the standard command ship in the game and it is balanced in every way. The player can unlock 3 other ships specialized in different ways. Additionally, the player can upgrade the ship and add/upgrade weapons and systems to their ship of their choosing.

Player ships[edit | edit source]

Fleet ships[edit | edit source]

Fleet ships are ships that cant be flown by the player but instead fly along the player in their fleet or serve as a defense force in the territory that they are stationed, to acquire fleet ships one has to have a corporation building in their city, the the NPC factions that exist in the game have also access to these ships provided that they have the corporation buildings.

There are three corporations inside the game, each with their own style and function of ships.

Each corporation offers 5 different ships. The first two ships (cruisers and destroyers) are unlocked by having a lvl 1 building, the support ship is unlocked with a building lvl 2, the battleship class need a lvl 3 building, and finally the dreadnought is unlocked with the forth and final level of the corporation building.

There is also another group of ships that is solely for the use of pirates, these are weaker variants of the corporation ships, initially the player wont be able to defeat these pirates before upgrading and forming a fleet of their own.

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