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in the game there are 6 different mineral Resources plus credits that are a form of currency one can exchange for the resources and vice versa.

Mineral Resources are only used for building buildings and upgrading them, credits are also used for that, but allow one to also upgrade ships,weapons and systems

  • resouces
    Iridium is used for population centers, missile turrets and the Cryos corporation building
    Osmium is used for mining outpost, commercial centers, storage depot's and the Exeter corporation building.
    Palladium is used for radar stations and the Exeter corporation buildings
    Thorium is used for power stations, shield generators and Tekla corperation
    Titanium is the most used Resources in the game, and used for all structures.
    Uranium is used for the hangars, plasma turrets and both Cryos and Tekla corporations

the only building that isn't mentioned in the before, is the 'control center', as this building upgrades it needs a increasing variety of resources, the end level stage for this building requires great amounts of all resources in the game

credits[edit | edit source]

beyond being needed in building and upgrading those buildings, credits offer a wide variety of uses, besides upgrade for equipment it can be used to upgrade fleet ships and bribe other cities. the player also looses a amount relative to the level of the ship he or she uses when they die in the game, its also possible to gain credits from winning a war or loosing them from war, the amount of credits one has can go into the minus for reviving or loosing a war when they dont have those, however its not possible to repair the fleet they are using or to buy resources.

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